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Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain


Palccoyo is a colorful mountain range in Cusco, similar to the classic Rainbow Mountain, but with three different rainbow color mountains that showcase ocher and red colors, with green, blue, and white stripes. This hidden gem is also home to a stone forest and local people dressed in their traditional costumes accompanied by their Llamas and Alpacas.

Visiting Palccoyo offers beautiful landscapes and the opportunity to witness the stunning colors of the Palccoyo mountain range. The best part is that this circuit does not require much physical condition and can be done easily with a gentle walk of only one hour, without any unevenness. This makes it a less demanding alternative to the long trek to Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain. Book your tour to Palccoyo mountain of colors today and discover one of Cusco’s hidden treasures!



Day 1: Cusco - Cusipata - Palccoyo - Cusco

Pick up time from your hotel is from 4:30 to 5:00 am
It takes 3 hours car ride from Cusco to Palcoyo
The time that you spend in Palcoyo is 2-hour hiking in the area of Palcoyo mountain to see all
The car ride back to Cusco takes around 3 hours
You will be back in Cusco around 4:30 pm
We stop in Cusipata town for breakfast and lunch each time for 1 hour approximately
We are going to pick up everyone from their respective hotels, we will go to the town of Cusipata by car for 2 hours where we will make a stop at the restaurant to have a delicious breakfast, which will take about an hour and then we continue in the same car for 1 more hour towards the Palcoyo Mountain.

Once you arrive at the Palcoyo Mountain you will get ready to start the exploration in the place and the guide will take you to see the three colored mountains and the stone forest and you will have enough time for photographs, listen to the explanation of the guide and enjoy of the area. After we will get ready for the return by car to the town of Cusipata for 1 hour to have a buffet lunch and then 2 more hours by car back to Cusco.




  • Any flight or airport departure taxes

  • Travel insurance

  • Vaccinations

  • Breakfast on the first day

  • Tips for local staff

  • Entrance fee to the Reserve


$ 27.00